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From the Chairman's Desk

Few things have greater importance to parents than the education of their children. Every parent looks for academic excellence, good values, and discipline for their children. Choosing the right school for them is therefore a crucial decision.

St. Paul’s School provides high standards for educational excellence to their students. We stimulate creativity and develop problem-solving capability in each student. As a family oriented school, we believe that partnership between the family and school is the foundation of a student's fulfilment and success in later life.

All the dynamic institutions in the world today look forward to introducing and affecting a creative approach in educational curriculum. Teachers play a major role in implementing and supporting the students to gain competence in their efforts.

St. Paul’s School, within a dignified and supportive setting, promotes the academic, artistic, moralistic, leadership quality, physical and emotional development of all students, so that they can pursue excellence in their lives and career, and play effective roles in their families and communities.

Our objective at St. Paul’s School is to provide a happy, balanced and challenging environment where our students have the opportunity to fulfil their individual talents and goals. In parallel, we provide a wide range of cultural, sporting and co-curricular activities and a chance to exercise leadership in a sensible and respectful environment.

Best wishes,

Shri. Palaksha Murthy
Chairman, St. Paul’s Group of Institutions


From the Principal's Desk

Education has a multifaceted function. The transformation from childhood to adulthood is an important one. Education has a major role to play in this process.

We want that education, by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded and by which we can stand on one’s own feet.”

In addition to acquisition of knowledge, education should aim at physical, mental and spiritual development. There should be opportunity for character formation and personality development.

The training one gets from schools should include academic excellence – professional, scientific and technological – attainment of life skills and vocational efficiency. The training should also help to manifest innate potentialities making use of opportunities and staying alert.
Progress of a country depends on its education system. In this era of globalization it is necessary to understand economic, social and political aspects of all the countries. Practicing brotherhood, love and compassion between different communities, races and nations is of utmost importance. The emphasis on developing patriotism and pride in one’s culture is indispensable.

We at St. Paul’s School try to promote an atmosphere where education is a blend of progressive ideas from the best in the Indian setting and culture. Students are given personal care and support so that they take the right place in the Global society.

Best wishes,

Ms. Dr. Rupa P Murthy

From the Vice Principal's Desk

Educators, parents and professionals working with children, use praise in their work with children as they believe that it is an effective way to build children’s sense of confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

We can promote competence level in children by encouraging self independence, by embellishing children’s self concept so that they have a realistic picture of themselves and this can help them develop comprehensive description of their skills and qualities. Encouragement boosts a child’s self esteem, promotes respect and acceptance and is given unconditionally. The most effective teaching takes place in an atmosphere of acknowledgement, appreciation and encouragement. According to renowned psychologist, Robin Grille, appreciation is different from praise as it is not manipulative. Praising and rewarding are deeply ingrained habits. Instead of lavishing children with praise, it’s better if they focus internally on the pleasure they derive from accomplishment. It may take practice to replace praise with appreciation and acknowledgment, but the latter feels more fulfilling, and can bring you and your child closer.

Children are born with an enormous desire to learn and conquer. They also have an innate capacity for honest, empathy and considerteness. They are born with an insatiable zest for mastery, and each new attainment fills them with delight. It is this self-enjoyment which provides the greatest fuel for perseverance and further learning to improve both, the quality and the commitment to their work. These qualities come forward as a result of our guidance, our role-modelling, and our appreciation. For children who love and trust their teacher, there is no greater source of satisfaction and no greater incentive but to continue persevering. The teacher on her part should realize that, desire for results and expectations play havoc, preventing children from realising their true potential. So our advice to our students should be.

‘Don’t Bother About the Score, Play Your Strokes’

Smt. B.E Pramila
Vice Principal







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The School motto is to Empower the students to reach beyond their potential. As per the slogan of Swami Vivekananda, “"Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached” as education is for life.


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